Photography courtesy of  Tim Buttner

Photography courtesy of Tim Buttner

Sean Hunter Williams 

Sean is a second generation stone carver based in Barre, Vermont. He graduated with a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania after transferring from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. After graduating, he lived for four years in Berlin, Germany to explore the arts and culture scene before moving back to Vermont to apprentice with his dad at Barre Sculpture Studios to learn the craft of stone carving. Much of the private commissions seen on this page are done through BSS. 

After four years of apprenticing, Sean began to apply for public art commissions, and expand his studio practice. Professionally he juggles publicly commissioned work, carving freelance both independently and for Barre Sculpture Studios, and expanding his studio practice.

All inquiries regarding public or private commissions, please submit your information below with a detailed message describing your project, budget and timeline.